What I like about GOTR

I like my coaches and teammates.

I like to be active and run. I have so much fun and I feel that Girls on the Run is making me feel healthier.

That is was different than any other running program that I have seen so far. I also like that when we run we’re with our friends. And I like that we do fun activities.

It helps me stay active.

That I get activity and I have 2 great coaches and a great team and of course the running.

I like the fact that I get to run with my friends. Girls on the Run has inspired me to run.

One thing I like is the lesson because sometimes that’s how I feel. Another thing I like is the warm up and also the run.

It helps girls with their self esteem and you get to run and meet new people!

I like that I can be in an all girl program where I can be myself. And the running is awesome because running is my sport.

I like GOTR because we can get exercise and it’s fun and we get along really well.

I could just be who I am and not be judged about who I am.

I like when we set goals for ourselves so we know that that’s our goal for that day and we should reach that goal.

The positive attitude, running, the practice 5K.

We can keep secrets safe here.

I like the coaches, girls, and work outs. I loved the physical activity we had. I even tried some at home.

I like that you can run and it makes you feel good you feel like you can do anything.

That I make new friends, I’m being active, I have fun, I’m pushing my physical and mental limits by doing my best.





What I have learned at GOTR:

I have learned to treat other people how I want to be treated.

That I can do it and to be nice to others and not to bully. Plus to respect me and my body.

That everyone’s different, and

we can always do better.

One person can change Hopkins and other cities.

I have learned that I should appreciate myself.

I’ve learned that it’s good to support people. It’s also good that I don’t do bad things. (Drugs, etc.)

That we have to work together if we don’t we can’t accomplish anything.

I am special, it’s good to help your community, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

I can push myself out of my comfort sometimes!

I am mad differently than others, respect myself, I have improved a lot! 

Stand up for yourself, you’re as equal as others even if they call you names, don’t be afraid to be you!

I have learned to never give up and always be positive never ever not be positive because it’s bad for you and just always chase your dreams never run away from them.

That I can express my feelings through running.

I have learned that  it is a great thing to respect your body and that you shouldn’t judge yourself.

I am not the only person here. I also learned even if something is hard you have to persevere.

That you should treat someone the same way you treat your friends even though they might be real mean.

How to talk when I am angry, to have a positive attitude.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as you are friendly.

That every girl is unique.

I have learned at GOTR how to pace myself, respect myself and others, try my best and much more!